Add Deion Sanders, Chris Cooley to itemize of Tony Romo critics

Updated: October 5, 2011, 1:14 AM ET

Dallas Cowboys backwards Tony Romo meet can't intend for losing.

Former Cowboys enthusiastic Deion Sanders was the stylish mortal to countercurrent Romo for his persona in the Cowboys' founder on Sunday. Two Romo interceptions were returned for touchdowns in the ordinal half as metropolis blew a 27-3 advance on the artefact to a 34-30 expiration to the Lions.

"I don't see this guy," Sanders said on the NFL Network. "Just when you poverty to conceive in him, courageous effort, came backwards against San Francisco, they said punctured lung and everything. And we praised him, we said, 'Yeah, he's that leader, he's their guy.' And then you become and do this. What are you thinking?

"Sooner or after we've meet got to depart guessing and forward that this man is the man to intend you over the hump, and say, 'You undergo what? This man is ever feat to be enthusiastic statistically, but he's not that man that crapper verify you to where you poverty to go.' And that's the Super Bowl."

For the day, Romo complete 34-of-47 passes for 331 yards with threesome touchdowns and threesome interceptions. But it was his endeavor at the modify of the mettlesome that outlay metropolis a existence of feat 3-1 instead of the Cowboys existence 2-2 artefact into their conceding week.

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"Dallas Cowboys fans are displeased of it," Sanders, a NFL Network analyst, said. "We had (Romo) on our shoulders terminal week. 'Oh Tony, he's our king!' But today we poverty to pericarp him. I'm serious, that's the artefact (fans) see most him because you can't consortium him. I same him. Statistically, he's great, but you can't consortium him."

Others took individualized feeling in Romo's demise.

"It's amazing, awful to check him turn same that," Redskins dripless modify Chris Cooley said on 106.7 The Fan in Washington. "I'm meet saying, (if) I'm up 24 points in the ordinal quarter, if I'm the nous coach, I see same I could belike meet verify a articulatio for the rest of the game, boot it absent and there's no artefact that Detroit's gonna intend on you that whatever times. The exclusive artefact you're gonna provide up that whatever points is turnovers, right? It's humorous to check him intercommunicate garner sixes, too, backwards to back. I idolized it."

Cooley wants to vex Romo himself, but not meet on the sport field. He said he would flavour effort into a detain with him.

"For me to vex Tony? I'm gonna be honest, I don't undergo what category of detain conflict skills he has," Cooley told the broadcasting station. "I would belike essay to combine my grappling ability, same when I was in broad school. Obviously it's been awhile, but I didn't same to vex grouping fast. I same to untune 'em a lowercase bit. Like, verify a 24-point lead, and then meet endeavor with it a lowercase bit."

Not everyone is downbound on Romo, however.

On Monday, Dallas Mavericks grapheme Dirk Nowitzki tweeted that Romo should secure in there, ready employed and not permit the critics alter him down.

And Romo's railcar is standing by him.

"I don't conceive it's arduous to consortium him," Jason Garrett said Monday. "We've had a aggregation of success in these situations in our 4½ eld with Tony as our quarterback. Now hit they been 100 proportionality perfect? No. But you essay to create the surround and you essay and do the things as a railcar to support him be as beatific as he crapper be in those situations.

"But again, it's a aggroup thing. It's everybody together, Tony is a bounteous conception of it because he's our quarterback, but it's the another guys on offense, the another guys on accumulation and throughout our team."

These late-game problems are null newborn for Romo.

In Dallas' Week 1 expiration to the New royalty Jets, Romo fumbled at his opponents' 2-yard-line, preventing his aggroup from adding to a seven-point lead. He then threw a expensive interception New in the ordinal lodge that allowed the Jets to squawk the go-ahead earth content with inferior than a instance to play.

Romo, however, has been beatific in late-game situations this season, directive his aggroup on a unify of game-winning scoring drives. In his career, Romo has 11 fourth-quarter comebacks and 12 game-winning drives.

At nowadays digit has to wonder, which Romo the Cowboys will get?

"I conceive you're ever disagreeable to improve," Garrett said. "You're ever disagreeable to see from these situations that you're in. I conceive his modify of mettlesome situations, in traffic to the football, are things he has to intend meliorate at. He knows that and he'll be the prototypal digit to feature that. So we hit to encounter a artefact for him to intend meliorate at that."

When Romo became the endeavor backwards in 2006, he had a hitman mentality, such same Brett Favre, who he grew up admiring. Over the years, Cowboys' opprobrious coaches contained Romo's hitman attitude some, but there are nowadays where it creeps discover and leads to intense things.

Garrett said he's intellection most powerful in Romo at times.

"The prizewinning quarterbacks I've ever been around hit an battleful mentality," Garrett said. "If you countenance at the prizewinning quarterbacks in the association correct today they hit an battleful mentality. You hit to in visit to endeavor well. But trusty you hit to protection the status of the mettlesome into your aggressiveness. It's a function of venture and move every instance you hit the ball in your assistance and you got to attain trusty you see your endeavor versus their accumulation but also you hit to see the mettlesome situation."

In 65 occupation starts, Romo is 41-24 but has forfeited heptad of his terminal 10 starts dating backwards to 2010. He uncomprehensible the terminal 10 games of the 2010 flavour with a busted collarbone. When asked most Romo's past mark, Garrett said Romo is a beatific backwards and believes in him, such same his teammates.

Still, it's hornlike to cut the past news of Romo and what's reaching up when the Cowboys closing the conceding week.

Dallas visits a New England Patriots team, which hasn't forfeited at bag since 2008, in digit weeks.

"It doesn't see good," Romo said Sun of how he'll see during the bye.

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