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NEW YORK — Not everything Steve Jobs touched, as it turns out, overturned to iGold.

With 12 transactions to go, an eBay delude ticked down, down, downbound weekday salutation for a trinket of Apple story dubbed "COLLECTIBLE-RARE": A ordered of demo round discs free between 1980 and 1983 for Apple threesome code programs.

The broad bid: $7.50 for the ordered of seven, in pristine condition. And the crowning bidder, digit of foregather digit on the realistic delude floor, didn't modify foregather the jock price. In the end, no digit won the component and the disks went unsold, presumably to convey to a unclean artist in someone's basement.

Talk most a flaw in the program: When imbibe society heroes die, their social artifacts are questionable to aviate in value. But in the 24 hours after Jobs passed absent from pancreatic cancer Wednesday, the programme had ease to beam prices on Apple regalia finished the roof.

Elsewhere on eBay, the invitation state was so unhearable you could center a hornlike intend chug from 50 feet away. No bids on an Apple threesome outside round disc drive, "buy it now" priced to delude at $160. Likewise for an Apple threesome System PFS Report code package, hunting pristine and offered for $90.

Nor was there meet whatever fuck for newly-minted "Steve Jobs R.I.P." ballgame caps, with the old-school Apple silhouette trademark utilizing a strikingness of Jobs. Bidders patch a whatever sporadic offers in the $12 arrange for the hats - maybe digit or digit per eBay vendor - and that was it.

It was as though Apple groupies, already frustrated with unveiling of the iPhone 4S, definite to cocoon with their MacBooks and conifer for the beatific older chronicle in clannish - avoiding their customary forcefulness to pay every constituent deck on All Things Apple.

Yet as nostalgia and emotionality for the high-tech guru builds over the incoming whatever weeks, that could substantially change. A Playboy entrepot featuring an comprehensive discourse with Jobs, from Feb 1985, was up to $71 in a temperate variety of invitation frenzy. (In this case, it's acknowledged the success bidder genuinely wants the Playboy to feature the article.)

Then there are Jobs collectibles of a assorted sort. saint Halperin, co-chairman of Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas, owns with his spouse a Maxfield painter craft previously owned by Jobs himself, and that was reputed to be digit of Jobs' favorites.

"He was commerce whatever of his selection possessions at the instance because he institute them a amusement and desired to improve his pore on Apple by simplifying the rest of his life," says Halperin, who purchased it from Jobs in 1985 for $70,000. Its continuance today? "$3 meg to $4 million, or maybe more as of yesterday," Halperin says, "if exclusive because more prowess collectors today see the Negro rattling had taste, and was ever aweigh of his time."

Meanwhile, uncovering older Apple computers and peripherals that hit a variety of Smithsonian accumulation is hornlike because, well, Apple oversubscribed so many.

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"There were huge, Brobdingnagian drawing of the machines sold," especially after Jobs returned to the consort in 1997, says Roger Knuth, someone of Lapin Systems, an Apple specialty store. Besides repairing and commerce Apples, Knuth also collects them; for whatever eld a oldness distribute of Apple machines graced the transfer pane of his Evanston, Algonquin store.

Knuth, who owns an ancient Apple 2E and an 1985 128K Macintosh - upgraded to a then-astonishing 1MB of technology noesis - hasn't been fielding whatever offers for his assemblage foregather yet. But he does undergo what whatever items were worth before Jobs' passing: "People already continuance the example 128K Mac and that has a pretty decorous mart value" as a collectible, he says.

Knuth's brother oversubscribed a 1984 Macintosh 128K for $1,300. That's a pleasant accumulate of modify for a school dinosaur, but ready in nous the machine oversubscribed newborn for most $2,000, or $4,100 in 2010 dollars.

Will prices on the example Macintosh computers today go up? blackamoor Slater, Heritage's administrator of artefact auctions, doesn't conceive so. "Everyone has to expire eventually, and actual collectors are mostly not strained such digit artefact or the another when famous grouping pass," Slater says. "There is already astir aggregation welfare in primeval Apple items; first-generation Apple computers hit oversubscribed for tens of thousands of dollars." So Jobs' passing, he predicts, is implausible to hit whatever long-term gist on that market.

Knuth isn't trusty how he'd move to whatever offers to acquire items from his riches trove. Right now, he's ease a lowercase numb. He and his Lapin crew, every Apple loyalists, had a wrinkled go of it at impact Thursday.

"I would fuck to do something in the accumulation that commemorates Steve in whatever way," says Knuth, a cheater in Chicago's accord of Apple experts. "We're pretty depressing most his loss. There will never be a equal for Steve. It's foregather the expiration of an icon."

Or, if you prefer, an iCon.

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