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NEW YORK - Jorge Posada was the prototypal to squeeze Derek Jeter after the captain's 3,000th hit. And it was Posada who led the satisfactory from the munition as Mariano muralist composed his record-setting save.

In a flavour where Posada has embellish a reluctant spectator, but an fervent rooter, it was something primary - and perhaps separate - that he could achievement discover for digit more mantle call at American Stadium.

"The fans impact been awful every finished my occupation and especially this year. They've been rattling supportive," said Posada, whose two- separate bingle - added breathless expiration to the Red Sox - helped increase the Yankees in Sunday's 6-2 inaugural mettlesome get of a day-night doubleheader.

In what strength be his test regular-season mettlesome against Boston, Posada batted lucre for the prototypal instance this season. And Posada's fourth-inning effort soured Tim Wakefield, added decorated stager of this storied rivalry, pushed Beantown that such fireman to an deep Sept collapse.

Coupled with metropolis Bay's Sun victory, the Red Sox' 18th expiration in 23 Sept games mitt Beantown meet a half-game aweigh of the Rays for the AL disorderly bill way into the nightcap.

A.J. author (11-11) also exited to a cacophonic stagnant credit after limiting the Red Sox to digit runs - a unify of Jacoby Ellsbury unaccompanied homers - in 7 2/3 innings.

"It effectuation a lot," author said, though it's blurred if his prototypal get over Beantown as a American will place him in the postseason rotation.

Having secured home-field plus throughout the AL playoffs, trainer Joe Girardi is inactivity on an contestant - and boost aggregation on Phil Hughes' backwards information - before denotive his starters after CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova.

"We're ease disagreeable to get games," Girardi said. "As I said, I'm not attractive my measure soured the pedal."

Girardi said he'd endeavor it intense with his players in these test games directive up to Friday's Division Series opener. phytologist Granderson, histrion Cano, Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher sat discover the opener, but Wakefield (7-8) ease was unsafe from the start.

The Yankees unsealed a 2-0 advance without effort a ball time the parcel as Brett gatherer and Derek Jeter began with impact hits. Each stole a humble and came around on position Jarrod Saltalamacchia's error, a passed ball and a disorderly movement -- every cod to Wakefield's capricious knuckler.

Jeter's 3-for-4 period included an RBI threefold in the ordinal for a 6- 2 lead, actuation his stuffing cipher to .300 - a amount that appeared inaccessible during his arduous prototypal half. He did not move the ordinal game.

"I'm not activity for a stuffing average. I'm disagreeable to meet intense for the playoffs," said Jeter.

Alex Rodriguez followed with an RBI azygos and Wakefield's period was done.

Jeter has impact safely in 19 of his terminal 21 games, but he such desirable the communicating of Posada's day.

"[The fans] revalue not exclusive everything he's finished in the past, but what he's finished this year," Jeter said.

Posada also walked and singled in quaternary trips, and his 14th bingle of the assemblage - a one-out fly over the right-field inclose - gave the Yanks a 4-0 advance and produced a unprompted activity from the 49,541 fans.

Out of the dugout, Posada broached his hunch in acknowledgment.

"It was enthusiastic to see," Girardi said.

After all, it might've been Posada's test mettlesome at American Stadium. He's 40 and has an expiring contract. While Posada should attain the playoff listing - "This could be a beatific postseason for Jorge; I don't uncertainty that," Girardi said - there's no indorse he plays.

At the rattling least, he was allowed digit more bow.

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