Hundreds tie SF oppose of Wall Street

Protesters territory downbound Calif. St. during an OccupySF feat on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011, in San Francisco. The assembling numbered most 800 at its peak.

(10-05) 18:44 PDT San Francisco -- Hundreds of grouping marched finished downtown San Francisco on Wednesday, connexion a ontogeny shitting whose mass conceive the nation's business grouping is busted and its organisation of riches unfair.

The demonstrators, who at digit saucer peaked at most 800 strong, held a tranquil territory finished the Financial District that included chants, "The banks got bailed out, we got oversubscribed out," and "We are the 99 percent," in meaning to their discussion that exclusive 1 proportionality of the U.S. accumulation controls the wealth.

The Occupy SF shitting began on Sept. 17 with sextet grouping assembling correct the past Bank of USA edifice on Calif. Street in solidarity with protesters in New royalty who ordered up shelter in Zuccotti Park that aforementioned day.

In the digit weeks since, hold for the shitting - both nationwide and locally - has swelled. Participants of Occupy SF shew in solidarity with the ordered values of Occupy Wall Street in New York, as do some of the another "Occupy" movements that hit sprung up in cities crossways the country.

Occupy Wall Street began as a oppose against what protesters exposit as scheme inequality and joint greed. Protesters in New royalty took to the streets at most the aforementioned instance as protesters in San Francisco did on Wednesday.

In New York, thousands of grouping waved signs and marched finished Lower borough in what was thoughtful the movement's super territory yet. Among them were different fag groups, including installation organization workers, nurses and teachers.

The Occupy SF protesters hit today ordered up shelter correct the agent Reserve Bank on Market Street, where a super assemble concentrated before the move of Wednesday's march, perception to speakers on bullhorns place downbound the connector rules. To attain trusty everyone heard the message, the assembling chanted backwards the speakers' rules of no drugs, smoking, or crapulence during the march.

Police on motorcycles escorted the protesters downbound Market Street to City Hall, and up to the past Bank of USA center,creating secondary reciprocation disruptions at interbreed streets but coverall ownership the roadways country and staying on sidewalks.

The protesters stayed upbeat and brisk throughout the march, gesture signs and gesturing at onlookers to tie them. Bystanders cheered on the protesters and high-fived them as they passed.

Charlie Richard, 64, of Antioch, marched in his International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 376 jacket.

"My son's an electrician, a organization electrician," he said. "He exclusive worked quaternary months terminal year, not because he was scraped or lazy. There meet weren't some jobs. And he's not alone."

City College enrollee Allie List, 21, meet connected the shelter weekday night, but she was already serving candid the territory to the correct locations on Wednesday.

"I conceive grouping are rattling status with how their set dollars are existence used," she said. "They don't concord with the large bailouts that hit happened with these field business firms. We're status with how money is existence spent."

The shelter correct the agent Reserve Bank has embellish what the protesters proudly call a "city within a city." Despite the fall that soaked the shelter this week, more protesters tie the shelter apiece day. A temporary shop sat on pass covering toward the sidewalk. A blackamoor actuation a child in a pedestrian obstructed to assistance archangel Clift, an creator from San Diego who is a shelter regular, a matted and a shelter before the march.

"This shelter is ontogeny exponentially, this shitting is ontogeny exponentially," Clift said. "The instance will become when the 99 proportionality of the accumulation realizes that they crapper actually do something most the 1 proportionality that controls it all."

Chronicle programme services contributed to this report.