Phillies ousted by Chris Carpenter, Cardinals | Philly

The duty in face of the Cardinals was daunting: go into metropolis and vex Roy Halladay.

With a complete-game, herculean try by Chris Carpenter, St. gladiator vex the Phillies, 1-0, to front to the NLCS. They will endeavor metropolis prototypal Sunday.

Carpenter allowed meet threesome hits in his octad innings of impact to vex Halladay, his past associate in Toronto and near friend. He threw 110 pitches and the test discover came when Ryan histrion scraped himself on a groundout to modify it. histrion pronounceable his ankle disagreeable to intend discover of the batters' box.

The exclusive separate of the mettlesome came manner of the prototypal digit batters. Rafael Furcal led soured with a manifold and was chased bag when Skip Schumaker doubled. Schumaker after mitt the mettlesome with an catercorner injury.

St. gladiator was 3-1 underdogs reaching into the series, but went toe-to-toe with the powerful Phillies after losing Game 1, 11-6.

Schumaker went 6-for-9 in the program and Ryan Theriot, who did not endeavor in Game 5, was 6-for-10. If they titled MVPs for this round, digit of those digit would be as probable a politician as any.

Manager Tony La Russa is 6-2 in the NLDS ammo as the Cardinals manager. He led them to the 2006 title.