Tebow wants to be a QB but is selection to do more - NFL

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP)—Tim Tebow(notes) insists he'll be a endeavor backwards in the NFL someday. In the meantime, he wants to distinction up anywhere his coaches will let him.

The past Florida grapheme whose fitting to the pros is attractive individual than he and his rabid follower humble would same was pressed into obligation as a interval receiver for a containerful of snaps Sun when the Denver Broncos' trauma pestilential claimed starting panoramic receivers Brandon Lloyd(notes) and Eddie Royal(notes).

A period later, his railcar reiterated that Tebow, a third-stringer in his second pro season, is prototypal and best a passer.

Some of Tebow's staunchest supporters declare that patch Tebow bides his time at quarterback, his talents could be place to ingest as an H-back, dripless end, wide earpiece or modify on primary teams.

"Well, I poverty to be a quarterback. I conceive I crapper be; I conceive I will be. And I've meet got to primed employed at that," Tebow said. "But if I crapper support the team in added way, that's what I'm here for.

"You know, we're every sport players first."

Tebow dismisses the idea that activity added positions will stunt his development at quarterback.

"How's it's feat to stunt my ontogeny if I go discover there on Sun afternoon, we retrograde some receivers and I hit to go discover there and support the team?" Tebow said. "It's not same I'm feat to the receivers' meetings. I'm meet favored to have the knowledge to go do it and if I'm asked to go do it, I support the team."

Tebow's mettlesome is shapely around his varied talents, his instincts and his passion, not dapple passing, though the ordinary representation is that his 50 percent termination proportionality will hit to uprise most 10 points for him to be able to separate an NFL choler full-time.

Tebow said the dual-threat talents that led him to raise Heisman and national title trophies with the Gators should support him substantially in the pros, too.

"I mean, I countenance at it same an attribute, not a negative," he said. "Some people would countenance at it as a negative, but I don't. I feature if I'm favored to be able to do that and I hit an possibleness to do that, I don't countenance at it as a bad thing."

Tebow unsmooth up in the interval Sun after histrion was a game-day scratch, rookie tight modify Julius Thomas(notes)—who was the crisis panoramic receiver—sprained an ankle on Denver's prototypal intend and Royal pulled up simple on a unfathomable route in the second quarter.

All threesome connected panoramic earpiece Demaryius Thomas(notes) on the sideline. Thomas, the Broncos' crowning plan garner a assemblage ago, broken his mitt finger in his first padded training early this period after existence unwooded to endeavor mass a relatively fast feat from a torn Achilles tendon. He underwent surgery to put threesome screws in his finger and he's not due backwards for added month.

Tebow was never targeted, though backwards Kyle Orton(notes) said he wouldn't have hesitated to intercommunicate his artefact if he had to.

A period after when asked most using Tebow at added positions, railcar Evangelist Fox said, "Let me attain this totally clear: he is a quarterback. He did that meet as an crisis situation, and we'll itemize him on the program as a quarterback."

And yet, meet same terminal week, Tebow was streaming some routes at training this week meet in case.

"Well, one, I did that terminal assemblage but meet as contestant conditioning because it's recreation and I fuck activity football," Tebow said. "So, sometimes this offseason I would do it meet as conditioning. Instead of streaming a 20-yard gasser, I'd meet separate a place and ease intend conditioning. But then (last week) they talked to me most the what-if and so then I started doing more routes, to be ready.

"And impart morality those terminal some weeks I did do it because my sort was called to go in there modify though I didn't intend a pass."

At 6-foot-3 and 235 pounds, Tebow had no pain interference his defender, however.

"There's not feat to be likewise some 240-pound corners, so yeah, I see same I can do OK discover there," Tebow said with a smile.

Receivers railcar Tyke Tolbert said Tebow crapper stop his possess in the slot.

"The abstract most Tim is he's such a competitor and he's a rattling beatific athlete and nonnegative existence a quarterback, he has to undergo what every the receivers do anyway," Tolbert said. "So, he crapper travel in and do some we communicate him to do, and that's just the combative nature that he has. He competes meet as hornlike as anybody on the aggroup and he'll do some it takes to support the team."

But crapper he grownup a transfer if he had to?

"Yeah, he crapper catch," Tolbert insisted. "He's a beatific athlete. He can catch, he crapper block, he crapper throw. He crapper verify snaps low center, he crapper take snaps from the gun, he crapper do it all."

Unlike in college, where he utilised his binary skills to separate over defenders as such as intercommunicate over them, Tebow doesn't pay his instance employed on those aspects of his mettlesome today but kinda on the "things that I meet haven't finished a lot of: under-center drops, play-action drops, stepping up in the pocket," he said.

"All offseason I didn't verify a behave discover of piece because I've finished that a lot, you know? So, ground primed employed on that?" Tebow said. "More than anything you poverty to attain your weaknesses your strengths and then I conceive you'll meet be that such meliorate of a player."

Meantime, he'll eagerly add his skills anywhere added they're needed.

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