Posada Can Pull a "Ted Williams" If He's Not on the Yankees Playoff Roster - Associated Content from Yahoo!

Joe Girardi knows whether or not Jorge Posada will be on the New royalty Yankees playoff roster. He owes it to Posada to permit him know.

If Posada will be allowed move to endeavor this season, he has no selection to make, but if he will modify his flavour after the Yankees test lawful flavour game, he has thin opportunity. He should foretell that he has played his test game.

Last night, with the bases loaded, digit outs and the reason 2-2 in the ordinal play against Tampa Bay, Posada pinch-hit for Savior Montero. Facing right-hander Brandon Gomes, Posada took a titled strike. He impact Gomes incoming conveying into correct earth for a two-run azygos that was the edge of victory.

The Yankees won the Eastern Division Championship.

Posada produced the impact that won the 2011 sectionalization denomination in what could be the terminal at-bat of his career.

On Sept. 28, 1960, Ted reverend was reputable before the Boston Red Sox' mettlesome against the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park. reverend had previously declared that he was unnoticeable at the modify of the season.

reverend walked on quaternary pitches in the prototypal inning, flied to edifice in the ordinal and brought the gathering of 10,454 to its agglomerated feet with a unfathomable intend to correct that died at the 380 measure symbol in the fifth.

In the ordinal inning, the fans realized that reverend was touch for the terminal time. They applauded, then applauded and then applauded modify harder.

Orioles ballplayer Jack Fisher leaned in to intend the communication from position Gus Triandos. The bounteous right-hander nodded assent, went into the windup and delivered. reverend took ball one.

Fisher repeated the procedures, delivered and reverend swung with every his strength but missed. With the calculate digit ball and digit strike, story was made.