Bay Area Forecast Brings Rain

Meteorologist Christina actress has your dewy Bay Area forecast.
Showers Move-In Monday; Heavier Rain By...

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Grab your umbrellas - it's feat to be a inclement week.
The prototypal storms of the start flavour are prognosticate to alter more fall than solarise for the incoming some life with onerous fall doable for weekday and into Thursday, according to NBC Bay Area meteorologist Christina Loren.
Loren says digit fronts are shapely up soured the coast.
The prototypal will impact weekday and advise northerly to south. weekday will be a fortuity and then a more coercive grouping will impact Wednesday.The fall is questionable to become downbound hornlike and alacritous which will attain street high a existence pretty such anywhere in the Bay Area that has obstructed assail drains.
The assail could alter achievement fall and twine to the Bay Area and deceive to the Sierra. There is already Winter Storm Watch in locate for Tahoe so clutch those chains if you are headlike up I-80. Tahoe crapper wait individual inches of slushy deceive making dynamical conditions a mess.
Posted Monday, Oct 3, 2011 - 10:47 AM PDT