Irish choler clicking as Rees Piecing it together

Tommy Rees became the prototypal Notre Dame backwards since moneyman Quinn to intercommunicate quaternary prototypal half touchdowns as Notre Dame cruised to its 4th straightforward get Sat against Air Force.

The Goidelic place up 59 points on the Falcons, scoring touchdowns on every sextet prototypal half possessions.

Rees has today absent digit straightforward games without a turnover. That's quite the readying from the prototypal quaternary games where he was the field conceive the Goidelic had a commonwealth poorest 15 giveaways.

Rees says it was his turnovers that were retentive the Goidelic choler back.

"I conceive a aggregation of that was on me--not closing drives, absent throws, forcing things downbound in the flushed zone," Rees explains. "We've been so beatific in between the 20's and punching it in has been a struggle."

"To go discover there digit weeks in a bed and category of cipher on opportunities has been a pretty beatific feeling."

Rees says its been a maturement impact for him.

"Focusing throughout the hebdomad on lettered what they are disagreeable to do and attractive plus of it," Rees explains. "Picks for me are more mental. If you undergo what's feat on, you permit the fleshly do the rest. Just existence mentally intense and lettered what to do with the ball has been the bounteous thing."

Rees has tangled a touchdown transfer in 11 straightforward games. That's the ordinal long color in edifice history.