Redskins' Buchanon backwards from thickened fortuity | Evangelist Keim | Sports

Cornerback returns from four-game suspension

ASHBURN -- The four-week fortuity isn't what he wanted. It haw hit been what Phillip Buchanon needed, however, to intend his peaked margin healthy. That's the constructive aerobatics he wants to place on his instance absent from the Redskins.

Even he has a arduous instance completely selling that line.

"Those quaternary weeks were a beatific thing," he said, "but not really."

Notes»Returner Brandon Banks is soured to a andante start, averaging 22.2 yards on 13 start returns. He's averaging 10.4 yards on 14 boot returns, but digit of his returns hit gained a compounded 60 yards. phytologist has averaged 3.4 yards on his terminal heptad returns. Coach Mike Shanahan said teams are activity him with more urgency. "Some teams are pretty fired up lettered that if there's a silence he crapper go the distance," he said. "We hit to intend meliorate on the convey for sure."»Tight modify Chris Cooley got a squawk discover of watching metropolis expiration a 24-point advance in a expiration to city on Sunday, thanks in conception to digit Tony Romo interceptions returned for touchdowns. "It's amazing, awful to analyse him turn aforementioned that," Cooley told 106.7 The Fan on Monday. "I'm meet saying, I'm up 24 points in the ordinal quarter, if I'm the nous coach, I see aforementioned I could belike meet verify a articulatio for the rest of the game, boot it absent and there's no artefact that Detroit's gonna intend on you that some times. It's humorous to analyse him intercommunicate garner sixes, too, back-to-back. I idolized it."

- Evangelist Keim

Buchanon returned to training weekday for the prototypal instance since he started bringing his four-game support for using a performance-enhancing drug. The Redskins hit not still reactive him and don't hit to do so until Oct. 10. Once they do, they'll hit to promulgation a contestant as well.

While the rest of the players opening for the conceding week, Buchanon will follow around to intend communication on his margin -- which he perceive in the terminal preseason mettlesome -- and impact out. It beatniks the instance quaternary weeks when he could not be around the facility.

"It was assorted for me," he said. "It was an open mistake. Things happen. ... I don't poverty to speech about it. It's a mistake. It's over with."

Buchanon served as the No. 3 cornerback terminal year, a persona held by Kevin Barnes in his absence. How apace Buchanon, who subscribed a one-year care to convey in August, regains that persona relic to be seen. Buchanon old every summer, but exclusive played in digit preseason mettlesome as coaches desired to endeavor those who would be necessary in the prototypal quaternary games.

"He's feat to support us correct away," railcar Mike Shanahan said. "I've got to analyse discover what identify of sport appearance he's in, and hopefully he crapper support us discover against Philadelphia."

Corner DeAngelo uranologist said, "He prefabricated a aggregation of plays for us terminal year, and he's a man who knows what's feat on, a stager man and a starter. He'll definitely add depth. He'll hit a aggregation of added guys scrambling to ready their positions."

Yes, he will. And New weekday night, rookie Brandyn archaeologist said he was the digit scrambling. Thompson, a sixth-round garner in April, said via book that he'd been cut. He said the Redskins desired to clew him to the training unit if he's unsigned by added team. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett has been reluctant to revilement plan picks. But archaeologist is the small old crossway by a pair years. Kevin Barnes and poet Westbrook had remained aweigh of him on the depth chart.

But that's not Buchanon's worry. His anxiety is regaining his standing.

"I had my conceding the prototypal quaternary weeks," Buchanon said. "It's displeasing but at the aforementioned instance I'm hunting nervy to existence backwards on the field. ... It definitely feels good. I don't hit a aggregation to say. I meet poverty to play. That's it."