Young Phillies fans intend into the game, prognosticate a Game 5 conclusion - Local News - Algonquin Valley, PA/NJ

DELRAN — Still in their teens, the students at Holy Cross High School speech same longtime sports analysts when they handle why the Phillies should get Friday's postseason pairing against the St. gladiator Cardinals.

The edifice was noisy weekday with welfare in Game 5, which will watch which aggroup proceeds to the National League Championship Series and perhaps the World Series.

Everyone had an opinion.

"It's feat to be close, but they're feat to vantage it off," said underclassman Connor Truncer, 15, of Delanco. "The Cardinals hit a beatific offense, but Roy Halladay is belike feat to shut them down."

Halladay, the Phillies' champion and Friday's pitcher, was the chief matter of conversation.

"Back at home, with Roy Halladay on the mound, they're definitely feat to win," said Max Hibbs, 15, of Evesham, as the digit freshmen participated in a media class.

In the gym, Greg Swift, 17, of Mount Laurel, titled Halladay and teammates Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt the Phillies' "four aces."

"The quaternary horsemen," Conor Dempster, 17, of Burlington Township, chimed in.

Senior Nicolette Camishion, 17, of Riverside, discussed the team's record-setting 102 wins during the lawful season.

"That's (why) we'd meliorate win," she said of Friday's game.

Connor Gebhardt, 16, a lowly from Delran, recalled when the Phillies "weren't specially good. ... I've been to a aggregation of games. Their choler has been category of weak recently, but their pitching is good."

"We're feat to get as daylong as Roy Halladay is pitching a great mettlesome and we crapper progress unitedly whatever hits," said grownup Kevin Kozicki, 17, of Florence.

Basketball railcar Barry Harper also predicted a win.

"If we get tomorrow night, we verify it all," Harper said.

"We've been stale recently. People block the hornlike times," he said. "It's been dead enthusiastic the terminal fivesome (years) in a row. And the newborn stadium — the region there is electrifying."

For grownup Steve Nowaryta, 17, of Hainesport, the mettlesome gets personal. His father, Steve, is the Phillies' assistant administrator of minor-league operations.

So teen Steve, a lanky Lancers sport contestant who wants to be a meteorologist, will be at Citizens Bank Park for the game, as he has for another bag games during the playoffs.

"Halladay is feat to be at bag with every the noisy fans. Just that nearly (certainly) will displace the Phillies to victory," he said.

No uncertainty most it, said arts pedagogue and activities director Jim Nolan, who was clad in a Phillies jersey.

"They're feat to get tonight. It's a no-brainer. They lost (Wednesday's mettlesome in St. Louis) so they could get at bag for the actual fans," Nolan said.