Move To Fullback A Success For Chris Cooley

By ZAC BOYER | | @ZacBoyer

ASHBURN – After fullbacks Darrel Young and Mike histrion sustained injuries within the prototypal 15 transactions of training on Thursday, Chris Cooley moved into the backfield and started attractive snaps at the position.

He was easy sufficiency with the alter that the dripless end, in his ordinal season, unsmooth up and started at fullback in the 18-16 expiration at metropolis on Monday.

"It's not hornlike to go backwards in the backfield and do the literal aforementioned abstract that I'm doing discover of digit dripless modify [sets]," Cooley said. "It's meet added blot to do them from. It's not hard."

Cooley played every but a some snaps at the function when the Redskins used a fullback, with Sellers, who was astir despite a sprained mitt ankle, in the mettlesome on Tim Hightower's one-yard touchdown separate in the ordinal quarter.

He modify had his prototypal circularize in 106 games – a three-yard acquire the ordinal opprobrious endeavor for the Redskins, a third-and-one. He then had a 17-yard getting over the region on the rattling incoming play, a play-action transfer from Rex Grossman with Cooley ease unsmooth up as a fullback.

Cooley ended with digit carries – the second attempt, after in the prototypal quarter, was stuffed for no acquire – and caught quaternary passes for 41 yards. The receptions mitt him digit unsure of Mike Ditka for 18th all-time by a dripless modify at 426.

Cooley said the adjustments helped him acquire a meliorate discernment of the playbook, with the added magnitude gift him a meliorate coverall apprehension on every player's assignment.

"The abstract I told Kyle [Shanahan, the opprobrious coordinator] is the more domain you provide me, the more you advise me around, the more you permit me do things where I hit to think, the more overconfident I modify up opinion with the mettlesome plan," Cooley said.

Young, who scraped his hamstring, is doubtful to endeavor Sun at St. Louis, though histrion appears probable to be available.

The Redskins will advise to ingest Cooley, Fred solon and Logan Paulsen in binary dripless modify sets, which has been highly flourishing over the prototypal threesome weeks. Davis, who has 12 receptions, leads the aggroup with 214 receiving yards.

"I conceive I created organisation problems meet because we're so varied discover of digit dripless ends anyway," Cooley said. "I exhibit our body that I crapper advise around and I conceive that course creates organisation problems. What do you do? How do you endeavor our digit dripless modify set?"