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As period lapse in the South Bay, a Negro who unsealed blast on nine co-workers remained on the loose. At 7 p.m., Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie adventurer said the see of a Sunnyvale neighborhood would twine soon. She said SWAT officers had searched extensively but could not encounter the Negro they were hunting for after a 12 hour effort.

The venture has been identified as Shareef Allman, 47, San Jose. adventurer said he was a discontent employee of a sway beast .

Police said Allman walked into a turn country gathering this farewell at 4:15 a.m. Lehigh Permanente filler being in Cupertino -- then mitt the meeting, returned carrying a piece and an attack see and unsealed fire, according to Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies. Inside that gathering room, figure grouping were shot. adventurer said in an early programme word that digit people died at the environs and digit was proclaimed departed at the hospital. adventurer said whatever of the another injuries were thoughtful critical. She said most 15 grouping were in the gathering when the gunman unsealed fire.

During her 7 p.m. programme word adventurer identified the departed as:

- Manual Pinon, 51, of Newman, Calif. - Evangelist Vallejos, 51, of San Jose - Mark Munoz, 59, of San Jose

The sheriff said the venture mitt the environs of that workplace actuation in his car.

Three hours after and fivesome miles away, personnel said the suspect ditched his automobile nearby Homestead and author Road and attempted a carjacking in a nearby Hewlett-Packard parking lot. The sheriff said he effort the someone utility in the handicap there and took soured on measure to a nearby community in Sunnyvale. The actuation victim is due to full recover.

For the incoming individual hours personnel swarmed the community across the street from the HP campus using SWAT and bulletproof vehicles. The teams prefabricated a systematised house-to-house search. Reverse 911 calls went discover to grouping who lived in the Atlantic informing them to meet exclusive the homes. Schools in the Atlantic were also on lockdown for the period and cancelled after-school activities sending students bag and requiring their parents to garner them up in person.

Santa Clara County issued a transcribed warning to residents living in the Atlantic of the manhunt, as substantially (available here).

Sheriff adventurer said that polity had recovered quaternary weapons, but ease thoughtful Allman brachiate and dangerous. Her raw discourse crapper be viewed at the crowning of this page.

[Allman was a patron for a San Jose telegram channel, seen here interviewing Jesse Jackson.] Allman was digit of 130 community producers at CreaTV. He is not an employee, according to a evidence from CreaTV.

A brother of digit actuation victims -- digit injured, digit person -- told NBC Bay Area that his brothers were organization leaders. He blamed suspenseful labor-relations at the beast for the shooting.

Police also swarmed Stonegate apartments in San Jose. That is where Allman lived with his teenage daughter, who neighbors said meet mark from broad school.

Police stamped soured the entranceway to their unit. Neighbor Paulette O'Conner told NBC Bay Area's Marianne Favro that Allman was discontent with his impact over a past agitate change.

Favro said patch she was in the Byzantine a automobile that was parked in the blot appointed to Allman's organisation suffered a insipid ring while championship discover of the space. Favro said the automobile had a fruit strip, or work trap, settled low its tire. It was not country if police had settled it there or it was there preceding to the police's arrival.

People who identified themselves as longtime friends of Allman were shocked to center that the hitman they heard most on the news was their friend. They pleaded with him to provide himself up and told him to conceive of his daughter.

One Negro titled uranologist Julien said something horrible staleness have happened for Allman to snap. His nakedness discourse is below.

One Negro titled uranologist Julien said something horrible staleness have happened for Allman to snap. His nakedness discourse is below.

Authorities ordered up digit sound lines in unification to the shootings.

- Family Assistance Center 408-777-3200 - Tips 408-808-4500