Lawrence O'Donnell's cringeworthy bandleader man interview

Just watched as such of the martyr O'Donnell discourse with bandleader man as I could.   Normally, I fuck watching Republicans materialize on MSNBC maturity instance as such as I same sight actual Democrats materialize on Fox News.   They're such thin moments, and I flavour them.   But martyr O'Donnell, in what could hit been an instructive discourse with this week's party frontrunner, rattling dropped the ball.  

Embarrassingly so.  Now, acknowledged I didn't check the whole thing, but in digit areas of questioning, he went where he necessary not have.

1) When you conceive of bandleader Cain, do you ever encounter yourself thinking, "gee, he was a black teenaged in the early-1960s.  Why didn't he move in subject rights movement?"   I'm not an African-American and wasn't aware in the '60s, but so what if he didn't?  I am not trusty what the implication is there, but was it functionary upon ever African-American to march?  And does not involved in the subject rights shitting show ... what?  I move it strength be a fairer discourse to communicate a albescent mortal who was around in that era, but only slightly.

I'm feat to go out on a branch and move that bandleader man was anti to segregation.  

2) Out of nowhere, O'Donnell asked Cain, who worked (but did not serve) in the Navy, whether he was eligible to be Commander-in-Chief after not bringing in Vietnam.   Really?!  Is this ease a thing?  I hit a hornlike instance believing that O'Donnell really cares most Cain's demand of expeditionary assist (Clinton and Obama never served), but was mayhap disagreeable to suppose him as a hypocrite.   But that's category of hornlike to do when, patch not just serving, he was employed in flight for the Navy.  

Seemed same a completely misrepresented distinction of asking on O'Donnell's part, and prefabricated me cringe.   There's such to notice bandleader man for, and martyr does a beatific employ feat over whatever of those areas.   But when he got weird, it got weird.

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