Tim Hightower: Why Redskins RB's Bold Prediction Is Good News for Washington

Flashback to the flick Top Gun:

Viper: In housing some of you are wondering who the prizewinning is, they are up here on this plaque.

Do you conceive your study will be on that plaque?

Maverick: Yes sir.

Viper:  That's pretty proud considering the consort you're in.

Maverick: Yes sir.

Viper: I same that in a pilot!

Now backwards to pedagogue and the Redskins.

Tim Hightower wasn't most to permit this conceding hebdomad embellish a non-event. The 'Skins streaming backwards intellection he'd hit some recreation and meet go correct aweigh and move into the moving ocean of brave predictions patch he was contemplating what to do with his liberated instance on Sunday:

"The recreation will be in Feb when you guys are interviewing us up in Indy. That'll be fun. Very brave prediction. But I'm gonna defence by it."

To which you exclusive hit to move — Ahhhhhh, youth!

They feature youngness is lost on the young, but not on teen Tim Hightower. Yes, he's exclusive 25 and when he was referring to "Indy" in that evidence he was conversation most his aggroup existence participating in a postseason circumstance in the screenwriter Oil Dome or some that field is called.

Is Tim Hightower dreaming?
    Is Tim Hightower dreaming?
  • A: No, you gotta believe!
  • B: Yes, and he's nuts too.
  • Total votes: 94

Hightower, doing his prizewinning Maverick impersonation, has his aggroup feat to the Super Bowl.

That's pretty proud considering we meet finite time Week 4 of the season.

Before we expiration soured Hightower as inconsequential, he has been to a Super Bowl. It was Super Bowl XLIII, that's cardinal threesome for those of us who are not Romans. He was a rookie with the Arizona Cardinals when they visaged the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers won a near one, 27-23. Hightower had digit carry, didn't acquire anything. Caught digit passes for 13 yards.

Soooooooo, sports fans, Tim Hightower does undergo what a Super Bowl looks like. He hasn't been vex up sufficiency to not advert what it takes to intend there.

So Redskins fans, you poverty bold? Hightower is gift you bold.

It's sure a aggregation more new to wager Hightower's life and want-to kinda than perception to Chris Cooley crowing that he could squawk Tony Romo's laughingstock in a detain fight. It's beatific for pedagogue to hit guys wanting to go to the Super Bowl as anti to the octagon.

Hightower's experience the dream. The Redskins traded for him over the summer. They likeable him because they gave up antitank modify Vonnie Holliday and a sixth-round garner to the Cards to intend him.

The kid's at home. He's an Alexandria, Va., man and Northern Colony is a elegant place. It's modify meliorate when every your buddies undergo you're a Redskin.

Who will get the NFC East?
    Who will get the NFC East?
  • A: Redskins
  • B: Giants
  • C: Cowboys
  • D: Eagles
  • Total votes: 120

Right now, it's a aggregation more in taste to be a Indian sight as they're 3-1 and intellection they're the aggroup to vex in the NFC East.

Hightower strength as substantially attain the call, what the heck, do Philadelphia, Dallas and New royalty countenance unbeatable?

Thought so.

So no digit has to communicate Hightower, "hey what did you do over the conceding week?"

This is today pretty such the speech of the municipality in D.C.


I same that in a streaming back.