'Dancing with the Stars' Results Show: Len Does 'The Twist', Shocking Elimination of Kristin Cavallari - Associated Content from Yahoo!

Ever since I've been watching "Dancing with the Stars" results shows this digit on weekday night, Oct 4, was the most entertaining. It had it all: snappy entertainment, enthusiastic penalization and of instruction drama. Jewess J. Blige looked stunning in a sort newborn hair as she unsealed the exhibit with her stylish hit. The prototypal digit couples with the maximal scores, Ricki and Derek along with gathering selection J.R. Martinez and Karina, were safe. The pair with the minimal scores, Chaz and Lacey, was safe! That prefabricated my night. True, Chaz haw not be the prizewinning dancer, but he is loved.

Surprisingly or not, depending on your preference, Chynna and Tony were picked by the judges to do an encore dancer. Most acknowledged it would be J.R. and Karina, but I change that diversion was more befittingly finished during the action night. No worries we will definitely wager J.R. in an encore diversion in cod time. Four another couples are brought out, but digit were in jeopardy, environmentalist and Anna along with Hope and Maks. This was effort me worried. I adore environmentalist Kressley and Anna is my selection favoring dancer. Rob Kardashian and metropolis Grace were safe.

Former favoring partner and today actress, Julianne Hough, will be on incoming week's results exhibit to encourage her flick "Footloose". She will diversion in a sort from the flick as substantially as diversion with her brother. The thought for incoming week's action period on weekday will be flick scores or soundtracks. This will sure be entertaining. I'll be peculiar to wager what the choices are. In take of flick scores the "Dancing with the Stars" diversion organisation danced to the reason from "Gone with the Wind." It was pleasant to wager the trusty dances performed in the flick that included the Waltz and Colony Reel.